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A La Carte Services 


We are ready to raise funds for your organization.

We will seek financial support for your charity, cause or other enterprise. Our experience includes campaign fundraising, major donor development and grant writing. Accomplishments include building relationships with donors that resulted in donations of over $20 million over five years. Relationships with individuals (e.g. major donors, alumni and more), foundations, businesses and churches were fostered for fundraising initiatives and special events. Special CRM tools and databases included Raiser's Edge CRM and The Foundation Center.

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Strategic advisory services

We are ready to provide you strategic counsel.

We will lend our strategic lens to your current situation and will provide advise. Our professional experience includes over 15 years across multiple industries and masters level education. Our experience and accomplishments includes 133% increases in business partnership, 25% increases in volunteer enrollment and more, all as the result of strategic counsel. People don't plan to fail. Often, people simply fail to plan. This service will provide you an unbiased voice that will help you carve out the most advantageous route for your goals and or challenges. Let's discuss your aim and direction.

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Global mission mobilization & Orientation

We are ready to mobilize, equip and deploy your members.

We will come alongside your church leadership and staff and discover the awaited life-transformative experience that is found in global mission.  By God's grace, our accomplishments include an increased humanitarian responses of 400% via short term trips abroad for a mega church. In addition, through partnership facilitation, we expanded infrastructure to deploy members for long-term service throughout the globe. We will execute local and international outreach presentations and will guide you in the marketing of practical service opportunities for global engagement and its growth.

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student spiritual and/or Cross-cultural formation

We are ready to join you alongside your journey in life.

We will provide your constituents with proven Christian based models of spiritual formation and cross-cultural awareness. Accomplishments include having led spiritual and cultural formation groups in enriching multicultural environments within academic settings. Accomplishments also include pioneering an 18 series intercultural spiritual formation practices group, that provided an assortment of contemplative practices for students from nine countries. 

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We are ready to capture your event and design any of your pictorial needs. 

We will provide you with photographic services for your special events. Our accomplishments include a wedding, save the dates, company grand openings, memorial tributes and more. In addition, our pictures have been used for websites and video productions. 

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flagship program design

We are ready to design your campaign.

We will design your flagship campaign. Our experience includes the successful creation and implementation of a divisional flagship program for an international organization. Accomplishments include working cross-departmentally and with executive leadership. This resulted in excess of $100,000 raised for international projects. Furthermore, it was comprised of web, print and video design and production.

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strategic interim leadership

We are ready to bridge your leadership gap.

We will provide interim leadership for your organization. Our professional leadership includes director and managerial levels across several industries with many accomplishments at both levels. Change is constant. We understand the importance for organizational success to continue pressing forward during times of uncertainty, especially in the event when your key leaders are no longer available. If your team or organization requires an interim leader that is poised to quickly asses, enhance and execute goals and objectives in an effective manner then we look forward to executing this task.

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Strategic partnership facilitation

We are ready to expand your network.

We will bring identified key players to the table for strategy and consensus building so that the envisioned goal will be realized. Many international and domestic organizational goals have been accomplished through this special skill set. If you're ready to see measurable positive change then we're ready to facilitate this process.  

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NonProfit tax exemption facilitation

We are ready to help you get your nonprofit started.

We will start with your vision and end with your successfully completed 1023 application. This process requires a high attention to detail and a commitment to understanding the Publication 557, Form 1023, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, EIN numbers and more. We have worked closely with a family care home that seeks to establish an educational arm. This project is currently pending and is well on its way to receiving its nonprofit charitable status.

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Board & leadership Retreat planning

We are ready to inspire your leaders.

We will plan your board and leadership retreats and include board and leadership training, if requested. Our experience and accomplishments includes a weekend board retreat for an international organization that started at the U.S. National Whitewater Center and ended at The Cove nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This time of team building, vision casting and training resulted in a 21% increase in giving from board leadership.   

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Multimedia presentation orchestration and execution

We are ready to creatively produce your content.

We will facilitate the media (web, video and print) production required for your vision or organization. The result will be world-class. Our experience includes both internet and intranet designs, project videos from multiple countries and project proposal template designs. Our accomplishments have elevated companies brand awareness and have resulted in transformed lives. We have worked closely with business owners, religious leaders, graphic designers and videographers to create timeless videos and marketing pieces for the advancement of company goals and objectives.

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Every door direct mail facilitation

We are ready to guide you to your target's market front doors.

We will facilitate the design and delivery of your company's special announcements and invitations. We have successfully designed and delivered 2,500 mailings for residences and business in the Inland Empire. If you don't have names or addresses, don't worry. Regardless of your business, you can still send up to 5,000 mailpieces per day. We can facilitate this process from concept to delivery. We take an additional step to help you understand your audience per zip code and per route, if requested.

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We are ready to be a trusted source for your matriculation through college and graduate school.

We will provide a proven mentoring model for you or your constituents. Accomplishments include serving two seminarians across two school years for a six week mentoring experience. We will listen intensively to your story and share rich times of discussion. We will explore areas of growth and design plans to address these opportunities. We can also provide this service through Skype.

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And More..

We are ready to provide additional services too.

We can provide poetry, public speaking, cross-cultural orientation and international program design. Our accomplishments include providing a poetic tribute for a benefit concert, cross-cultural orientation training for teams and more. We look forward to learning more about your needs.    

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Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.
— Peter Drucker