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Mission Statement

Cultivate fruitful partnerships with individuals and organizations by demonstrating commitment and passion for the principals of the highest quality of service and professionalism so that clients achieve mission success.

Missio + Strat = Missiostrat

Missio is a Latin word. Its English equivalent is 'mission.' STRAT is an abbreviation used to denote 'strategic.' In short, the first word in our company's name is a combination of these two words (missio and strat). When linked together, this newest business portmanteau, 'MissioStrat', is best described by our global consulting company's primary goal:

Your mission success is our strategic aim. 

who we are

  • We are a global consultancy company that offers strategic guidance.
  • We are a trusted resource for your domestic and/or international business needs.
  • We are proven result-driven strategists that are people centered.
  • We are faith-based; however, we are not faith exclusive.
  • We are your business concierge.

What we do

  • We provide customized business services for your individual and organizational needs, including fundraising, business strategy, marketing and leadership services.
  • We provide tailored solutions for clients locally, domestically and internationally.
  • We present paths that reflect best courses of action and work independently or as part of a team.
  • We welcome working with small, mid or large scale companies, educational institutions, churches of all sizes and denominations, as well as municipalities and more.
  • We keep your vision vivid so that mission drift is prevented.
  • We help you launch your organization, expand your network through strategic partnerships and guide you to your target market's front door.
  • We embrace complexity, identify its patterns and evaluate potential obstacles.
  • And More...


  • We will save you time and unnecessary cost so that your return on investment is optimal.
  • We will lighten the weight of your work so that you are more likely to achieve a greater work-life balance.
  • We will provide you objective input so that you will receive an unbiased viewpoint.
  • We will increase your success by ensuring that your goals stay on track and are realized.
  • We will offer you fresh perspectives so that new paths to mission completion are fulfilled.

In all, we are a consultancy service company. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable guidance. We are your business concierge and your success is our passion. 


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Principal strategist & Founder

Ramel J. Dixon, M.B.A., M.A.

Ramel has more than 15 years of professional experience with in-depth knowledge in intercultural studies, corporate administration, international development, urban studies and non-profit management. He is passionate about designing strategic responses to identified areas of need. He is driven by results, increasing productivity and enhancing job satisfaction for teams.

Ramel has participated in and led strategic international business and humanitarian trips to Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and India. In addition, Ramel was selected as a delegate to the esteemed Lausanne Congress for World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa. Also, a dual-citizen of both the United States and United Kingdom, Ramel’s European, East African and Sub-Sahara African experiences and growing network allows him to seamlessly build global cross-cultural bridges. 

Ramel possesses multiple skills including public speaking, strategic planning and flagship program design. Ramel is a globally experienced person-oriented leader that is committed to organizational excellence. Inspired to replicate his successful professional years of experience and to make his services more widely available, MissioStrat Global Consulting, LLC was founded.

Ramel enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, swimming and movies (documentaries). He takes pleasure in strategizing, implementing and measuring results with colleagues. He relishes cross-cultural relationship building, domestic and international travel. He also revels helping individuals and organizations succeed.

Ramel resides in Riverside, California with his loving wife and beautiful infant daughter. 



Ph.D. Student
Global Leadership & Change

Masters of Intercultural Studies, International Development and Urban Studies, 2016

Masters of Business Administration, Nonprofit Management, 2012

Bachelors of Science, Marketing, 2001

Diploma, 1997

Career Snapshots

  • Received the Award of Excellence for exemplary service and global impact.
  • Built relationships with donors that resulted in donations of over $20 million over five years.
  • Increased humanitarian responses for a mega-church by 400% via short term trips to Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Haiti.
  • Created and implemented a divisional flagship program for an international organization that raised in excess of $100,000.
  • Mobilized Board of Directors of an international organization that yielded a 21% increase in giving.
  • Co-produced strategic fundraising videos for projects in the USA and throughout Africa.

Global Exposure

  • Participated in a two-country cross-cultural summit in Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  • Represented the USA as a delegate at the Lausanne Congress, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Participated in the White House National Conference on Faith Based and Community Initiatives, Washington, D.C.
  • Attended the Result-Based Management Conference, England, UK.
  • Pioneered an 18 series intercultural spiritual formation practices group that provided an assortment of contemplative practices for students from nine countries.


Joseph K.jpg

mission strategist, India & Australia

Joseph Kolapudi, M.A.

Joseph has a background in business management and human resources, having completed his education in Australia, and also further developed his management emphasis into International Development and Urban Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. After finishing his masters degree in the US, he ended up working at the US Center for World Mission (now Frontier Ventures), assisting with an international diaspora research initiative known as The NextMove Project. 

Currently, he serves with Interserve Australia, where for the past year, he was placed with a local partner in South India in the business-as-mission (BAM) initiative, Olive Technology, as well as assisting with a grant-funding arm of the business, serving over 300 independent ministries through the India Collaboration. He also works as a Consultant with PourOut, an organisation that provides trauma training to anti-trafficking initiatives in the US, South Asia, Africa, South America, and most recently, is looking to expand into Nepal. In his spare time, he loves to read, writes regularly for Christianity Today Australia, and plays basketball with family and friends. He currently resides in Brisbane. 


Mission Strategist, South Korea

Namwoon Kim, M.A., M.A., M.DIV. 

Namwoon specialized in Chinese/Asian studies and mainly focused on historical linguistics over nine years in China, Korea, and the US. He has a strong background in many languages and linguistics and has wide and rich experiences in learning languages. Besides English and French, he has studied Mandarin, Cantonese, Classical Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Classical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Sanskrit.

As a language teacher, he has taught Chinese and Korean for more than three years at the University of Washington and other institutions and actively participated in the development of teaching materials. He is a good listener and an enthusiastic teacher who studied in various cultures and institutions, experienced a lot of diversity, and aggregated all the positive aspects from his various cross-cultural experiences.

Since he started his pastoral career in Southern California, he served the children’s ministry for 2.5 years at a Korean immigrant church in LA. He is currently living in Seoul, Korea.


Fuller Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity, 2018

University of Washington: Asian Languages and Literature, Masters of Arts (Asian Languages and Chinese historical linguistics), 2014

Yonsei University: Chinese Language and Literature, Masters of Arts (Chinese historical linguistics), 2008

Beijing Yuyan University: Chinese Language and Culture, Bachelors of Arts, 2006


Mission Strategist, Kenya & liberia

William Massaquoi, M.A.

William has over five years leadership experience in pastoral ministries and more than three years in nonprofit organization management. His leadership roles include pastoral ministries, higher education, and international development. His experience includes Liberia, USA, and Kenya. He has visionary leadership and cross-cultural skills.  

He completed his college education in Liberia having obtained a dual degree in Sacred Theology and Religious Education. He also has an MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He was recently admitted to Regent University’s Business School. In January 2019, he will start a doctorate program in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in coaching. 

After completing his studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, He worked for Heritage Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Santa Maria, where he directed outreach efforts before returning to Liberia.

In Liberia, he worked for Rebuild Africa Inc. leading program planning and assisted with strategic planning, research, and proposal development. Upon his initial return to Liberia, he taught Christian Ethics at a private university in Monrovia, Liberia.

William currently lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya. He serves at one of the campuses of Nairobi Chapel where he is leading discipleship and managing ministry volunteers. When he is not working, he is either watching a movie with his wife, taking a walk, watching a soccer match, reading a book, playing his guitar or cooking.


Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
— Sun Tzu