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Degreed: Where the MicroCredential is Increasingly Becoming a New Currency

I am a second semester PhD Student attending Pepperdine University. During my most recent cohort gathering, Dr. Sparks, our Virtual Learning and Collaboration professor, referenced new learning models that are beginning to challenge traditional learning platforms. As an example, he cited Degreed. This virtual learning technology platform is promising, intriguing, and is useful to individuals and businesses. I will explore how it is being used by various organizations and research its role in supporting learning by expanding knowledge. I will blog about my experiences and share observations along the way, including learning theory.

According to the Top Tools for Learning—an annual digital learning tool survey now in its 12th year—Degreed has moved up 86 levels since 2017. In addition, it is now ranked among the top 30 tools for personal and professional learning. Additionally, it is ranked among the top 100 tools for workplace learning.

Questions such as “Is marketing one of the reasons that Degreed’s popularity has increased?” remains unanswered. This intrigue was sparked after Dr. Sparks’ aforementioned comments and I began to vaguely recall a radio advertisement that illustrated Degreed’s mission several months ago. In short, their mission is best self-described as ‘Jailbreak[ing] the Degree.’

Click on the following link to read Degreed’s manifesto: The Degreed Manifesto

Also, click on the following link to hear directly from David Blake, CEO of Degreed, presenting at Kaplan EdTech Accelerator: Demo Day

In sum, I hold in high-regard self-taught experts. This bias is the byproduct of witnessing first-hand the grit and passion displayed by stateside graphic designers and computer programmers to entrepreneurs throughout low-income countries.

I look forward to reading your reflections.

Ramel Dixon