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Joseph Kolapudi, M.A


Joseph Kolapudi, M.A.

Joseph Kolapudi, M.A.

Joseph has a background in business management and human resources, having completed his education in Australia, and also further developed his management emphasis into International Development and Urban Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. After finishing his masters degree in the US, he ended up working at the US Center for World Mission (now Frontier Ventures), assisting with an international diaspora research initiative known as The NextMove Project. 

Currently, he serves with Interserve Australia, where for the past year, he was placed with a local partner in South India in the business-as-mission (BAM) initiative, Olive Technology, as well as assisting with a grant-funding arm of the business, serving over 300 independent ministries through the India Collaboration. He also works as a Consultant with PourOut, an organisation that provides trauma training to anti-trafficking initiatives in the US, South Asia, Africa, South America, and most recently, is looking to expand into Nepal. In his spare time, he loves to read, writes regularly for Christianity Today Australia, and plays basketball with family and friends. He currently resides in Brisbane.